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Php script purchased from Third party

I have a basic website for a hotel I own. In the website it links to our booking system, which is a php script purchased from a 3rd party. I’m thinking to recreate the website with Webflow, but need to know that I can move the script and its data over to webflow (I have other website already running with webflow, so I am familiar with it).

I’m not a techie, so apologize if this is a ridiculous question. Just have to be sure because I cannot lose any of the past, present or future booking information stored with the script.

Thank you for any insight any of you can offer.

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Webflow doesn’t use PHP, so you won’t be able to run your script on Webflow hosting. You would need to purchase some other hosting if you wish to use the same script.

You shouldn’t lose any booking data because that would all live within your booking system. The script is just a means to get info into it from your website.

What booking system do you use? There may be another way to integrate that doesn’t use the pho script.

Thank you Drew!!

I purchased the script from

It’s actually a really cool little script that has been running the front and back end of the hotel booking system.

Any advice you have is more than welcomed!!

Hey Jennifer, looks like a cool little program.

But yes, it’s essentially a program that runs on php and MySQL. So getting it working with Webflow would take some work.

You would either need seperate hosting for your script, and then integrate with your site using a subdomain perhaps, or you could export your Webflow site and use the same hosting as your script.

Quite a bit of technical work.

You may have better luck with Wordpress because it looks like it integrates, and Wordpress uses php and MySQL. Would end up being a lot simpler.