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External Script integration issue

Hi All,

Asking here and hoping any of you can help me out with the issue.

I developed an external script for my Webflow site and decided to use Webflow’s hosting to quickly publish and avoid transferring files, however, I need to know where/how can I host the script since I reroute the A and CName from Webflow to Namecheap.

I have the short script copy placed on my site but nothing is getting displayed when I publish the site.

Is there anything different or special I have to do in order to make the script run and running. Hosting with Webflow, I’ll have something like on my end, like a FTP or folders? Like a public_html folder or something? :slightly_smiling_face: that’s what I need.

Thanks in advance.


You can’t upload scripts to Webflow, neither can you run server-side code like PHP.

The only workaround for the above is to host externally.

Any Solutions @samliew? Must be something

I am unable to advise without additional information about what you currently have.

I see, Well, I have a script was developed outside, at first I thought to host the site outside Webflow and host the script via FTP. However, hosting in Wenflow will help to speed any edits and publishing in one click.

I chose to host the site straight on Webflow but now I don’t know what to do with the script, I embedded the script but is not working.

I wonder if the script was developed the right/proper way and specifically to run in Webflow or this is just a mess.

How is it not working? Scripts do NOT work in the designer. Can you click on this link and provide further information as required?

@carlos94587 I think the issue is that the script is PHP. You cannot embed PHP scripts in Webflow if you use their hosting since PHP is a server side language, and needs to run on a PHP enabled server.

The only way this would work is if you host outside of Webflow and have the server configured correctly.

Hi @justin_c I hosted the site with Namecheap previously and the script was working right. You know, I definitely prefer to host the site with Webflow to avoid the cpanel ftp uploading files but not being able to make the script work by hosting in Webflow is a bummer


Hi @carlos94587, yes the issue appears to be with the PHP, Webflow does not support PHP scripts a the moment.

To get the PHP script working, you would need to host the script outside of Webflow.

@justin_c @samliew @cyberdave

Hi all, I am back on the same issue.

Read-only Link:

Published link:

Script link (temporary hosted here):

It’s me again. I finally got the thing with the script resolved I guess, however, this is not getting published yet even that is hosted on a separate page linked to the original site hosted in Webflow. Maybe I am doing something incorrectly or maybe this is not going to work at all. That said, do you think that you can take a look at what I did and help me in checking one more time the script.

My steps:

  1. I created a new page under, hosted in Webflow as a Website Estimator
  2. Placed the embedded script inside the new page Website Estimator
  3. I got a new domain name ( to host the page with the script, hosted with Namecheap
  4. Linked some CTA’s (Get an estimate, Get an Instant Quote, etc) with the new domain name,
  5. The two domains are connected thru the CTA’s ( and :smiley:
  6. The embedded script is not working :disappointed:

Here is a screenshot of the embedded box

Thanks in advance,