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Photos not showing up at different breakpoints / preview inaccurate

This is a little tough to describe: in the “About Us” section on the site I’ve been building, the photos show up throughout all the previews in Webflow, but when I look at the page’s preview link the photos disappear at certain breakpoints. This happens on desktop when I shrink the browser window all the way down and on mobile.

There is actually A LOT of different things not displaying correctly in the mobile/small browser window version that show up just fine in the webflow preview.

I’m not sure how to show all the problems and I’m hoping it is all connected to the same bug or problem. I’m including a screen cap of the webflow preview in the UI and the small desktop browser.

Thank you for any help or advice.

Hey there @littlestargirl
You didn’t send us a preview link so I inspected website a bit, it seems that you are somehow giving your image opacity 0%, it is on the site but it’s transparent basically, that is probaly going on either through some interaction or though the style panel that you have opened in your image. My bet would be that it’s through some animation since it is visible in the designer. Let me know if you are able to locate it and apply the fix or just send me the preview link and i’ll assist, cheers!

Thank you - I have animations on the photos, and starting at 0 and going to 100% in .5sec.

I don’t know why it was being weird about it. I changed what direction it was moving and the images started to show up.