Phone and Email input field return True and False values

When a client submits their phone and email. I keep getting the value of true and false in the submitted form.
Any thoughts on how to solve this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Do you have “phone” and “email” selected for those form fields? Also set to “required”?

Yes they are both selected for their individual fields.

Hmm. Not sure, super weird it’s acting like a checkbox selection.

Yeah! It is weird. Do you know if having multiple Webflow forms on a website can cause issues?

I’ve never experienced this and I have some sites with multiple complex forms. I’d probably reach out directly to Webflow for support:

@Chris_O1 - can you provide a read-only link to your site?

Yeah that’s weird; are they coming through in the email notification as booleans also?

Assuming that your form is set up correctly, and that there are no scripts modifying your form on submission, my best guess is that is the original form design, those fields were checkboxes, and that a form submit was sent. Webflow’s forms processor may then have identified those as booleans and stored them that way, along with all future submissions.

You could possibly change the name of the field, e.g. NewEmail and see if that fixes it, but Webflow will permanently add a column to your captures log which doesn’t look very pro. If you need to protect your client from this, I’d consider using zapier and push those results into a Google Sheet or AirTable, where you can control those columns better [ and fix the old data too ].

Note Make/Integromat would normally be a better option here, but they are recently getting hammered by a DDoS attack, and quite unreliable at the moment.