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White Space Interaction Glitch

Hi Guys,

I have a single interaction that’s gone haywire & totally ruining my site at the moment. If you load the site & scroll down you can see that the bottom navbar pops up & the colours transition. Now click the burger and go in and out of the menu. Once you’re on the main page if you try and scroll down the colour interactions stop (aside from the very top panel) & the navbar won’t come in.

I have tried everything & it seems to be down to the interaction.

Can any of you guys make sense of this? @samliew @Waldo @cyberdave

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Much appreciated,

I don’t specialize in interactions, so the only observation I can make is that it might be due to the fact that closing the menu makes the page scroll jump/reset to the top.

@samliew Okay that makes sense. How can I prevent that? Is there a way in webflow or do I have to go the custom route?

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