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Performance with Media Heavy Sites

Hello everyone!

I am a freelance developer and I have typically been using Gatsby.js as my tool of choice. However, I would like to use Webflow as a tool to be able to cut down on the development time.

I have a client looking for a photography portfolio and I was wondering how Webflow might perform with a large quantity (100-200 JPEG images, each at 1-3mb in size, in batches of about 20 depending on the site of the page rendering different image categories). I know I can do some work with compressing the images, but I was wondering if Webflow was a good tool for this performance-wise and if so, could you offer some advice and tips on maximizing performance with Webflow?

Thanks, Webflowers!

Webflow offers fast page loading and does include browser native lazy loading by default. Since it is served via AWS with fast,ly you can expect good performance. That said, loading huge images is network intensive. Personally I have opted to use Cloudinary to handle image file serving with custom embeds so I can have one source file and many derivatives based on where I want to display it. Since you can build a two page site for free you can test your planned design out. Good luck.