People who have jumped ship, where did you go?

I’m interested to know what other no-code/low-code tools people are picking up these days? I am aware of a handful, but am curious to hear from people who have “officially” jumped to another platform.

The noteworthy alternatives on my radar:

This platform is very flexible re: your tech stack. A true visual web development tool with complete control over where your data comes from, and complete control over the CSS you use.

This seemed like a really promising alternative, however I am completely turned off with how styles are all managed through inline classes added to the HTML elements (think tailwind).

Perhaps I need to revisit this, but if I recall correctly, this tool also didn’t let me have complete control over styles and classes.

Looks tremendously flexible and powerful, however it has a very steep learning curve. I will need to spend much longer in here before I know what I’m doing.

Looked promising, seems like development has ceased.

Just stumbled across this one. Looks promising. Will give it a go this weekend. EDIT: looks to be static/front-end only unfortunately.

Cool list: is also note worthy :slight_smile: