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How far have you gone with no code workflows?

I was just doing some youtubing and came across, and then fell down a rabbit hole of other various no code tools. I am no developer but I can very well imagine how developers view these tools either as a joke, a threat or a lazy shortcut to a sub standard expensive solution. I am not sure where I stand on this subject as I am unfamiliar with it, it seems to me that no code solutions offer pre made modular building blocks that you snap together. In my admittedly uninitiated opinion the ready made modular systems are great for empowering non developers but will never offer the flexibility of hand coding. But I am as stated not part of this group and not familiar with these tools.

But it got me thinking, exactly how much can you do with no code workflows? Building websites at least front end makes sense to me, but what else can you do?

I find it hard to trust blogs these days as most of them are affiliated with a product or service, thus have an agenda, so I take their reports with a pinch of salt. But I wanted to ask on the forum.

What cool stuff have you (or somebody you know of) made using no code workflows? Can you link to it? It would be great to see an unbiased review of some of the popular options out there.

A few off the top of my head…

Stack: Webflow, MemberStack, Zapier, etc…

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Stack: Bubble


And gosh… so many more. These aren’t hobby sites, they drive revenue.

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