PDF viewer on webflow reflecting cms collection

Good evening. I am making a applicant tracking system, and I would like to display the applicant’s resume on the page. I have uploaded the pdf files on cms collection and I want them to be displayed on the pages. Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Sooyeon,

First, I’d be very careful about privacy laws and protecting confidentual info, which CVs are full of. Make sure your bases are covered there and that you have the level of security and privacy you need.

That said, if you’ve uploaded PDFs into a file field, you should be able to access that URL I think, in an HTML Embed. If that’s right, you can place an IFRAME inside your embed like this;

And then set the src to your CMS item field.

<iframe src="http://www.example.com/path/to/yourfile.pdf" width="600" height="400">
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It worked! Thank you so much for your advice!!

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