Paypal Button - commerce-cart-error

I have added the PayPal Button to our site and enabled it in the Ecommerce section. THis did work when I first tested it last November. Now it is not working, the day before go live!

When I press the PayPal button the PayPal popup appears, then closes and I get the pink error div as seen in the screen shot. The DIV element is

<div style="" 
    <div class="w-cart-error-msg" 
            data-w-cart-quantity-error="Product is not available in this quantity." 
            data-w-cart-general-error="Something went wrong when adding this item to the cart." 
            data-w-cart-checkout-error="Checkout is disabled on this site." 
            data-w-cart-cart_order_min-error="The order minimum was not met. Add more items to your cart to continue." 
            data-w-cart-subscription_error-error="Before you purchase, please use your email invite to verify your address so we can send order updates.">

But there is not text content in the element so I don’t know what the error actually is.

Any idea?

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This was caused by Paypal wanting more information about our business account. They obviously put some sort of block on the account which meant the WebFlow integration wouldn’t work

Annoying that no error message was displayed

Hi I have tha same issue :frowning: How did you solved it? Did you contacted Paypal and provide them with information?