Payment gateway in ukraine

I’m trying to make an e-commerce website for a shop based in ukraine. non of the native payment gateway provided by webflow are available in ukraine.
does anyone know if i can connect liqpay or fondy?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @zanzouneto. I am also interested in this topic. Don’t you have any news, solutions so far?
Any comments from Webflow experts?

Hi @11199 Absolutely, Its not good news but here it goes, you cannot connect Liqpay or fondy. If there is, I was not able to find it.
I ended up with CMS connected to foxy cart. which btw doesn’t give you lots of payment options in Ukraine. There is 2checkout, which is a possibility but it didn’t work for me (I don’t actually remember why). I set the foxy cart payment to “purchase order” which means I can send the bill to the client manually after I confirm the order. not a very intuitive solution but it works for now.

with all these limitations, I do not recommend ecommerce Webflow for the Ukrainian market.

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Hi @zanzouneto.
Sorry to hear 2checkout didn’t work for you. We’re happy to look more into that. Please let us know


Hey guys, what about PayPal? Im building a store now and PayPal is my plan, will it work out?

I was interested in this lately also and contacted Paypal support, unfortunately, Ukraine can only receive Personal payments. So, Paypal is not an option for now :frowning: