Patient Software for Dental Practices

Hello Webflow Forum Folks!

Has anyone had any experience with Dental / Medical practices? I find this space all but locked up by public traded monoliths that provide a crazy list of services, some of which a practice might really benefit from like managing x-ray photos or patient databases. I find the ‘web design’ part is just a token they throw in with the contract. I also find many of the sites slow and burdened by all the bliz blaz that is dropped in.

I have been asked to redesign a dental practice. My approach was to keep the ‘software’ part the practice is already utilizing and just reintegrate it into the new design. I called the company who provides the software part (practice management, patient communications, automated appointments) just to get a lay of the land only realize they are overtly hostile to any 3rd party who might lay a finger on the website. Taking closer look, the web company who implemented their current website is owned by the company which provides all of the practices backend services (traded on NASDQ too). It is essentially a closed loop. Game, set, match.

I’d love a set of 3rd party tools I could integrate as a pass through cost to the client to replace the tentacles wrapped around their small practice but I don’t think they exist. Trying to implement replacement for their current services would probably be more trouble than it is worth.

If anyone has had any success navigating sites in this industry or tools they have employed I’m all ears.

I have found that these practices get laddered from a price standpoint until they eventually jump to a competitor who starts them off a bit cheaper and they cycle repeats.

Thanks for listening!