Password Page Redirects to 404 Error Page

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I’m having an issue where, when you types in the password on the utility page, it doesn’t take the user to the password protected page on my site. It just directs the user to the 404 error page. Why aren’t my password page, and password protected page connected? Im not sure why they wouldn’t be. Is there a way to reconnect them? Also, what if you have more than one password protected page on your webflow site? How does the password page know which page to direct users to?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Cence Site
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The password page appears automatically when you try to access a password-protected page or folder. For example, note the url in your browser URL bar when you click here-

You can have many different password protected pages and folders, and even have different passwords for them, however they will all share the same design for the password utility page.

Think of it like a gate. The user already declared where they want to go, e.g. /advanced-resources. The gate decides if they’re allowed to.

That’s strange. I’ve not seen that before and it’s definitely not how it’s suppose to work. I’d reach out to Webflow support about this.

If you go to a page that you’ve tagged to be password protected, it’ll instead display the password screen for that page. When unlocking it (adding the correct password) it should display the original page you were going to.

I think Bagel is trying to access the /password page directly, which would return a 404 since Webflow has no idea where you’re trying to go.

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I am facing the same issue with accessing the password-protected page.
When I submit the password from the particular page, it redirects me to the URL"" instead of the expected destination.

Am I missing something?

Hey Twimbit, if you share a published site link ( with a test password and url to use ) I can take a look. Might need your readonly designer link as well, but it doesn’t sound like a configuration issue.

Publish site link -
Test password - test@123

Nothing wrong with the page itself that I can discern, however it looks like you’re running a reverse proxy via cloudflare that’s doing something to the page. You’ll need to investigate that to identify where the interference is.