Site password protection issue (not working)

I set a password for my site in the site settings, and published it. But when trying to enter the password to get access, I get the message;

" Page Not Found

The page you are looking for doesn’t exist or has been moved"

The password is correct and the site works when I remove the password. But I’m in the middle of rebuilding it and need to give access to a partner so they can verify some content on the site. This is extremely annoying.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Anne, the community can’t help without the ability to see your problem.
You’ll need to give a link to the page you’re trying to access, and a password to access it.

At this point it could be anything from redirects, to you trying to access the password page directly, to redirecting scripts or some issue with the password feature itself.

If you’re stuck and this is confidential info your best bet is to contact support.

The site is a mess with placeholder images etc. But this is my read only link; Webflow - Canion K9 Gear

I’ve tried setting the site password and also page password, but they both give me this page when entering the password in live view;

^ This means a link to your published page + a password.
The readonly link can’t be used to see your password problem.