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Passing a variable from Link into a new page? Use case given ;)

Hi, soooo think Resume site.

End User clicks on a ‘Apply for Job’ button on page one and that Job has an ID # lets call it a JOB_001
second page loads with a form, can we bring that JOB ID# into the form and have it populated.

If this is possible, can we bring in more than one piece of information [ variable pushed and populated from a drop down in the form field ]

I know I know, Webflow can’t build everything, so guessing this may not be possible. So what options would I have, guessing a custom .JS snippet may be needed that interacts with webflow and maybe the CMS or collections?

Anyone know of a way to hack this, my MacGyver brain is just thinking to create a custom form for each job and then just link to that page.

Thanks for any tips or guidance :wink:

That’s definitely possible. Do you have some kind of UI/demo for us to look at? A published page perhaps?

I’m in the process of creating it…once it’s ready to make sense to you, I’ll publish it here, thanks :wink:

Auto-fill form values based on URL querystring

Can you pass params from one page to another in the head tag. I have tried grabbing the query param and having it be attached based on what stack overflow suggests. Opened another topic on it but have been trying different methods all day and can’t get it to work