Transmitting values trough different static pages

Hello everyone,

i have a question for transmitting values between different static pages in webflow. i have different job pages and would like to navigate all candicates to one application site.

My problem is, that i dont know on my application site for which job the candidate wants to apply if he sends me the application.

Is it possible to set a value based on the previous site of the visitor?

Thank you very much in advance for your help

Hi Witt,

There are several approaches you can use. Here are three;

If the application form is simple enough, embed it directly into every job posting. That avoid the navigation and ensures that you know which job is being applied for. You can store the slug or a jobID in a hidden input field.

On the job page, you can forward the user to the separate application form page with a querystring param, e.g. /apply?listing=289ojfs83
Then in the form page, you use javascript to retrieve that querystring param and apply it to a hidden input field in the form, so it will be submitted with the application.

If you don’t like the querystring approach another angle is to use webStorage or a cookie to capture the ID, retrieve it, and add it to the form. A small bit of custom code needed on both the job page and the form page.