Using CMS data on an additional page

Hello Forum,

While I’m getting more comfortable using web flow, or web dev in general, I still consider myself a newbie. That said, I think I have a simple issue that I just can’t figure out a solution.

I’m building a career section for my client. They want a simple process: Job position card > Job detail description page > Fill out a form, upload resume, submit.

I’ve built a new “employment” section to their website. Using a CMS, I made the position cards which are successfully linking to the Job detail description page.

From the job description page, the user clicks the “inquire more” button which takes them to the form submission page. I would like the position the user in inquiring about to carry over to this page. This is the issue. I can’t figure out how to connect this information.

I’ve attached a visual to help explain what I’m looking to accomplish. Link below to the site.

Any advise on how to make this wold be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Copy of Elan Industries)

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hi @Steveio do you mean changing link destination like this? Or?

Since you’re linking to a static page, you’ll need to pass that in as a query parameter. Something like:

/application?position=production technician

Then parse it with custom code and bind it to an element for display.

If you turn that application page into a CMS template page you can add a (multi)reference field to the position and get that value.

Thanks @ChrisDrit . I wouldn’t be comfortable with custom code, my “newbie” skills haven’t evolved that far :slight_smile:

However, making a CMS template page for that section seems like a good direction. So I would create a totally new CMS with a single custom field - Multi-reference - then link that to my original Employment CMS to pull that data in, correct? It seems pretty straight forward. Is there any videos that you’re aware of that walks through this?


Thanks for your reply @Stan . I’m looking to connect CMS data to a new static page.

HI @Steveio no worry. I just do not understand why you complicate things too much. When you place your form on template where is job description anyway you will get all data you need (who and what position is applying for) when form is submitted and also it is one less click for user anyway. But of course I do not know why is has to be done the way you do that.

Anyway, good luck :wink: