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Leave checkboxes empty when sent to submission

Hi, I have a situation which might be a bit tricky to explain so bare with me. I have a form that works through the use of a slider to bring the user through multiple stages of questions.

A section consists of multiple checkboxes where the user can select what type of business they are operating as (sole trader, limited company, etc) and this data is then transferred from webflow to a crm (Agile).

However, the problem is the checkboxes output true and false, and i need it to output the values only stating as true. Also i would need it to say the value itself, not “true”.

Is there any work around for this?


Open in webflow

Live site

Hey, did you find a solution for this?

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Nope, it was an absolute nightmare.

I would advise investing in external solutions like typeform or many CRMs like Agile or Freshworks will include a form which u can implement.

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