Parent / Child Theme

is it possible within Webflow to create a Parent Theme that is the base code across multiple sites, similar to parent / child themes in Wordpress?

I’d like to create a number of sites that have a common style so that if we update the parent it will be reflected across the child websites (on different domains).

Not sure if this is possible?

Hey, Brent. Currently, I don’t believe this is possible. However, you could get close by creating a base cloneable project with all of your styling in place, with class names defined for every element. Clone it when you want to start a new site using this ‘theme’ and use the export feature to self-host the site other places, and just overwrite the CSS files when you update the theme.

This is a really hacky workaround, and I haven’t tested it myself to see if it would work, but it could be an option. The biggest problem I see right up front though is that every site would also have to essentially have the same exact layout. The minute you apply specific styling to an element on one of the sites, it breaks the whole process.

Thanks Chris for the feedback on this. I’m going to have a play to see what is possible. thanks again

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