Parallax jumping, not soft

Now we have parallax with the animation 2.0 Iuhull …

but honestly, it is not smooth … On the tablet and cell phone looks good, but on the pc it gets horrible …

see a soft parallax:

now the webflow parallax:

I do not know if there is a better way to make parallax softer …

Wow ! that is the most amazing example of a ‘smooth parallax’ effect on a website I have seen so far.

what you’re looking for is smoothing :slight_smile:



I did some testing:
100% looks very smooth, but gets very slow
95% is almost perfect but the animation is still a bit slow

I realized that “slowness” can be caused by an easing, if you guys let us choose the easing type maybe I can find one that looks more like the example above.

But I do not know if that’s it. If you want I have the sample parallax files to take a look at.

@PixelGeek thank you :slight_smile:

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