Parallax scroll effect

Hi good day

im jsut windering if this kinds of scrolling effect is can be done in web flow as you can see some of the section doesnt go with normal scroll


that site has some cool effects. I haven’t been able to do parallax yet with webflow.

If someone else has… I’d be interested in it as well.

    $(window).scroll(function() {
            'top'   :   $(window).scrollTop()*0.2-120
            'top'   :   $(window).scrollTop()*0.4-78

thanks for the great sample, but can this be done in the current interface of weblow of i have to inset a specific code and how

sorry for the newbie question, im just starting to learn how to use webflow


Thanks so much for posting this @bartekkustra. It set me off on a good path with a simple example I could wrap my head around.

Question: what is the purpose of the offset values (the -78)

. scrollTop()*0.4-78

scrollTop() by itself calculates the distance between top of the page to the top of the place we are now. Forcing the *0.4 makes it to scroll 40% the speed of the browser, while -78 is simply something I’ve added to have exactly what I wanted. It’s good to play sometimes with the ±x to get the proper speed of distance to move. Play with it and see results ;)

I have used things similar to that to weight or dampen an equation or set a minimum/maximum range in Flash. It has been a while though. Thanks for the explanation!

response deleted. I figured it out.

What a selfish person!