My nav bar animations dont work on live site

So my nav bar animations are working fine when i go on live preview but when i go live site animations are not working. This happened to me on beginning also then i deleted nav bar as symbol and made new one and it was working but now i’m already finishing site i don’t wanna do everything again… Is there some other solutions to fix this because its happening all the time… It happened when i start putting other animations on the page but i still dont know why… i hope somebody from webflow support will answer because when i had last problem nobody responded…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @andrija0202,

It looks like the difference between what you’re seeing in the Designer vs the live site is because of luxy.js.

If you remove luxy.js script and republish to test you should see it working as expected. Here’s a quick screen recording: Screen Recording 2022-06-11...

Hope this helps to point you in the right direction!

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Tnx for help Milan, yes this thing fix my problem. This happened to me on begging of making this site too when i didn’t have any scrips too bad i didn’t ask that time too to see what was the problem :slight_smile: anyway this script was for smooth scrolling do you have any script for that to recommend to use?

No problem, you could also have a look into using Locomotive Scroll, tutorial here: Locomotive Scroll (Smooth Scrolling) in Webflow - YouTube

I remember seeing that this works better with fixed and sticky navs.

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Tnx for your time bro :hugs:

So this video that you just recommended just fixed my problem from before too :joy: This is for people if they have the same problem. Basically for any smooth scrolling if you have fixed nav bar it needs to be out of that Div for smooth scrolling then it works fine.