Parallax alignment issue

Hi Forum,

I’m new to Webflow and new to web dev. I’ve designed plenty, but figuring out the parallax has been a bit challenging. I watched Caler Edwards video on the subject and have followed his process closely. I’ve successfully loaded and arranged my scene correctly. The art was all created on a 1920 x 840pxl canvas and exported to size using the art board. I positioned all the elements in the 0% scroll action to “0” on the Y axis, then arranged my moves accordingly for the 100% position.

The problem occurs when I view in preview mode. the majority of my images slide down in the 0% position.

While the image I’m creating has 9 elements to move and is more involved, the process seemed pretty straight forward. I’m stumped. Any help would be appreciated

I’ve attached a couple of images which show the issue.

Below is my Read-only link.

Thanks in advance!

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