Parallax Scroll Animation - Image Cutting Off

Hello! I’m new to Webflow so forgive me if this is an easy fix. I’ll try to explain this the best I can.

I’ve created a parallax scroll animation effect.
Set the container to 100VH and 100% width. Relative positioning. Hidden Overflow.
Each image that has been layered is in its own div block as children to that container. Each one has an absolute position.

The effect I’m seeking to achieve works great until displayed on a wider display.
On wider displays (such as the Macbook Pro), the foot of the subject is cut off by the bottom of the container’s boundary.
The subject is moving from 0 to -30y in the animation.
As it moves upward, there is a cut off line in the foot where it was cut off from the container’s bottom boundary.

How would I make it so that the rest of the foot is revealed as it moves upward?

Any help on what I can do to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

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