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Misalignement from Parallax effect

Hey guys! Using this weekend to work on my personal website - I have pretty much set up the layout but I wanted to share a struggle I am having and that I’d like to fix before going further :see_no_evil:

As you can see in this GIF, I am making a timeline of my experience so far where every milestone includes a short paragraph and a large title :arrow_heading_down:

Every section has the paragraph vertically centered :arrow_heading_down:

But the more I scroll the more a delay in positioning appears - I am using the Menu to make it more visible in this GIF :arrow_heading_down:

A hint - As you can see in the following GIF, it feels like the Parallax effect isn’t properly working on 100% of the screen area :arrow_heading_down:

:white_check_mark:Here is my site Read-Only:

Does anyone of you guys have any idea of how to fix this issue or at least where to explore? I feel like I am missing something here :relieved:Let me know if you need any more details - Thank you so much! :yellow_heart: