Paragraphs reflow - not overlap?

Hi there,

not sure if it’s cool to add on here or better open a new thread as I have a similar issue.
When shrinking the viewport, my paragraphs (underneath each other) are reflowing, though start overlapping each other and the headlines in between.
How can I avoid that so they keep their margin from each other?



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Looks like the size of the font is wrong in the class

Thanks for your reply!
Pardon my lack of understanding, but how can a font size be wrong for a class?

Added the link, sorry for that.

Anyone on board with an idea?
Much appreciated!


Thanks, so the 100vh per section in the bottom section is the issue.

Though what if I want each section to be 100vh? Why isn’t that working with two sections underneath each other?



Too much content for 100vh :slight_smile:

Ah - I see! Didn’t expect that behaviour in that case.
So would it make sense to set it to auto, but then the minimum H to 100vh instead to make sure it won’t be smaller than that even on bigger screens?


I recorded A short video but forgot to attach :slight_smile: here it is: