Paragraph box is increasing the size of my div box

All of the scale settings are set to do not scale yet my div size increases as the paragraph gets longer (I’m referring to the four divs at the bottom).

Edit: I managed to fix this by setting the width of the paragraph element to match the width of the image in px. Is this the correct way to approach this?

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Hey there! :wave:

Looks like you have an auto size applied to the parent element “Div Block Klarna”

Try defining the size of this element to 300px and then sizing the paragraph element to 100%. Then, delete the other DIVs and copy + paste the DIV.

Here’s a Loom recording for more detail: Loom | Update DIV sizing

Try that out and apply the same principle to other sections that you’re having this issue with.

Note: I suggest using the same class for similar divs to maintain consistency and make styling easier.

Hope this helps!