Paid scheduling system

Hey everyone, first time posting here so would appreciate any help.

I was wondering if it’s possible and looking for any design help with the following requirements.

  • A website where students (clients) can book an artist (consultant) for a short time on zoom so that the artist can provide a virtual lesson using screenshare. Each schedule is specific to that artist.

  • Students should be able to search for an artist / filter by genre / type of lesson (sound design, mastering). Produces a visual list of artists offering lessons based on their search requirements.

  • Clicking on the artist will show a scheduling system so you can book and pay for a slot, and leave a message with the booking with anything they feel is important the artist knows before the lesson to make it a bit more personal.

  • The artist should be able to maintain their own availability of their calendar. Once a student books a slot, the artist will need to confirm that they are available for that slot, and only then is payment taken.

  • Once the lesson is confirmed and payment is taken, a zoom link is sent out to both parties near the start of the lesson so that they can both join.

I was initially thinking of embedding multiple calendly calendars, one on each artist page, which is maintained by each artist. But not sure if there are better in-house solutions out there!

There are a lot of good bookings systems out there that will do what you want, with varying strengths and weaknesses. I use GetTimely and SimplyBookMe often, even for complex situations like medical center staffing. Acuity is also well known.

However, I think Calendly may be the tool for you -

  • Good online booking widget, integrates well, looks nice
  • Simple to use, simple to configure, low cost
  • Allows for flexible scheduling of different appointment types, e.g. durations
  • Exceptional flexibility with controlling custom schedules, it watches your Google calendars to figure out when you’re free.

This would give you hugely flexible schedule with online payment, and the ability for your artists to easily control when they’re available - i.e. a set schedule, minus any busy times they book out on their own personal Google calendar. As a bonus, Calendly puts the booked event directly on their Google Calendar AND creates e.g. a Zoom link if you want.

All emails notifications, etc. sorted with a minimum of fuss.

As for your search-by-artist / filter by genre, etc. that’s Webflow-end. You’d put the artists, genres, lessons in your CMS and design your nav and search accordingly. Once on an artist’s page, you’d embed the booking widget for that specific artist.