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Tutoring Website Booking Implementation

Good day everyone.

I had previously developed a website for my client’s tutoring academy. In this website there’s currently a two-step booking system implemented:

The first step consists of filling out a regular form with all the required info, such as the student’s name, email, class, subjects, the days they would like to be tutored, etc.

The second step starts with my client sending the user a confirmation once the client has received all the form data. Then the user will go onto a separate payment page on the academy website and make the payment based on a reference ID given to the user by my client. I have made the payment gateway using a third-party software.

However, now comes my question; my client has requested me to add a calendar system into the website, in which each tutor has their own calendar that a student can book from. The tutors can also edit their availability via their calendars.

So, is there any third-party service that can do this that I can implement into a Webflow website? I would also prefer one that has a customize-able design so I can make it fit in with the website’s design.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Desiign.
Thank you for sharing your current setup and needs. We’ve helped other Webflow users with a similar setup, except everything happens in one swoop… booking, payment, and updating available spots/dates after booking (and even update a Google Calendar).

If this sounds like something that would be helpful, please don’t hesitate to private message us. We can hop on a quick phone/Skype call to discuss your needs in detail and see if Foxy will be a good fit.


@foxy Sounds good, but I’d like to hear some other options first before making a decision.


Hi @Desiign.
Most definitely. There’s no risk or obligation with our unlimited free trial. Let us know if you need anything.