Pagination: Move to start of collection instead to top of page on reload

I’ve got a paginated collection of articles, starting mid-page. There is other content above the collection (tallish site header, featured collection) before the collection of all articles start.

The problem is that when the page re-loads while circling through the pages, it always shows the top of the page rather than the top of the article list. It’s extremely annoying and unprofessional UX, compounded on small screens.

Is that really how this works, and if so, is there anything that I can do about it?

I’d be grateful for any help!

[EDIT] An idea would perhaps be a script that checks the URL for the presence of “?” or “page=” and then scrolls to a certain element on the page. Can this be done? Unfortunately I lack the coding skills for something like this.

@spirelli this is the topic for you on the forum Seamless pagination with "pjax" :slight_smile: .

Thank you @sarahfrison !
I’ve meanwhile also discovered
I guess that’s a reasonable work-around for now, but really Webflow should do something about this. It seems to obvious that pagination needs to jump to the start of the article list…