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Pages Color Coded Based off Product Variant

Hi Webflow & Forum flow-ers,

I am wondering if there is any way I can link a custom color to a product variant without having to make each color of the product an individual product.

The reason is because I want to make my client’s website very dynamic and slick- he is starting to sell shirts and I want the color theme of the product page color coded to the color variant of the shirt he is selling.

I added a custom field but it is for the product class itself only, not the variants.

if this is not possible, can Webflow make that a feature ?

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Yes, you can use a multi-reference field to do that.

How exactly do you do that?

Can you send a read-only link?

Hmm, okay it looks like there’s no way to add custom fields to the Product Variant.

My original idea with the Multi-reference is to create a collection called “Variants” (or something similar). You would then create a custom field for Colors among other fields in that collection list. Then you could add the Multi-reference field in Product Variants to link variant to a color. This would give you the ability to select the BG Color from the multi-reference field on the variant page.

It can get very confusing because of how many things link together. But I bet you can find another way of setting this up. It just won’t be very orthodox.

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