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CMS Collection Image Variants without using eCommerce


I have been scratching my head over an issue that I feel can be solved with Collections and not eCommerce.

I have a client that is wanting to showcase collection pages where each item has color swatches where the user can click the color swatch and the image of the item will update on the same page.

I know that I can achieve this with Webflow’s Ecommerce setup utilizing Options for product variants, however my client isn’t selling anything online and would prefer not to increase their hosting cost when they won’t be gaining any online revenue.

The desired flow is: a user navigates to an item’s page, clicks on a color swatch and the item’s image changes appropriately based on the color swatch chosen.

Is this possible without utilizing Ecommerce variants? My initial thought was to have three collections: Items, Colors, Item Color Variants, but I’m having difficulty finding a way to trigger the dynamic change in image.

Any insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated!