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Page speed - significant slowdown - possible bug?


My site was loading (1-3.5) seconds. Now it’s taking anywhere from 5-24 seconds.

This started a few days ago and very close to the time that I added some text. Does have more to do with the updates or has anyone else noticed a slowdown?

Updates I made on the homepage:

  • H1 - Added “Mobile Apps, UI / UX, Custom Web Applications and Software Made in Raleigh and Durham, NC”

  • Section below hero section, I added “In RALEIGH AND DURHAM, NC”

• Section below floating brain - added an H2 “The Hottest New Digital Product Design and Development Company in The Triangle”



You have 45 font files loading, which takes up half of the entire page’s loading size.

I even already warned you about using Google fonts previously here: Help with page speed

And tested it for you here: How does the website load fonts

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Hi @samilew, as far as I know, I’ve gotten rid of the google fonts. It’s the different font styles to accommodate the fonts sizes. There are actually should only be 3 fonts being used on this page if not including the actual font sizes. I worked on what you discussed early, which is one of the reasons I able to get the load time down to 1-3 seconds.

Too, I only added 4 extra font styles…that should be adding to the load time by 160-2,400 %. At least I wouldn’t think so.

Also to note, it seems to be fine in Safari and Firefox. Chrome seems to be where it lags.

Thank you and best,


Nope, let me help you find the rest.

Open up your site’s CSS file,

search for the following terms (with single quotes if included):

  • :'Open Sans'
  • :Lato
  • :Montserrat

Note which style they are set on, go to the designer, and unset those fonts from the respective elements.

If a font is used anywhere in your site, whether a hover state or on a mobile breakpoint, it will load ALL the Google font variations.

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I’ve done my best to remove the various fonts related to the google fonts. I tried removing them in the settings too. Is there a way to say replace all of a particular font with another font, aside from going through the classes in the designer, and then totally have the google fonts removed?



The only way is to set fonts on the body (all) element, and everything else inherits from it. Then changing the global body font will affect the entire site.

Hmm…great to know!

Thanks @samilew

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