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Page shifting when there is a vertical scrollbar vs when there is not

Hey just wondering if there’s a quick fix to keep pages from shifting left and right when: there’s enough vertical content for the vertical scrollbar to appear versus when the page is short enough that the vertical scrollbar doesn’t appear. When going between respective page types the body moves slightly left or right to compensate for the scroll bar.

Any and all tips, tricks are welcome! Thanks.

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yep - create a div and put all your content within it and set the width of that div to 100hw - the horizontal width excludes the scroll-bar and uses up all the screen. Then using custom code hide the overflow on the x-axis i.e.

body { overflow-x: hidden }

that will stop the page from jumping when the scrollbar appears / disappears.

let me know if you’ve any issues.


is this still the best way to do this? where did you add the custom code?

project settings > head code? footer code?


yes, it is - put the code in

project settings > head code