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Disable scroll - working but having a visual problem

Hey Webflowers [ :spider_web: (:wilted_flower:x2) ] ,

I have this JS to disable scroll on my Website and it works great.
( 2nd section - “Our Main Advantages” click on any diamond/square)
The thing is that when we change to overflow hidden - the scroll bar disappears. That makes the hole page get wider and thinner when we go back. This width modulation causes a “jump” in the hole content which looks bad.
Is there a workaround? solution? different way?

Thanks in advance!

OK, this is very weird-
Since I posted this question the behavior has changed without me changing anything.
Now it seems that the left scroll bar stays when JS changes body’s overflow to hidden, and the page jumps up to the top.


Seems like it is not consistent. When I visit the site from different browser the initial behavior I was talking about still occurs

I am having the same usecase for the modals on one of my projects and just gave up on the jumping issue. But you may try taking the width of the scrollbar into consideration when arranging your modal content (shift it slightly to the left).

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