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Fixing body scroll-y glitch

Hello !

I’m facing an issus. I have built a home page with horizontal slider on scroll. Works perfectly, but the thing is when you get to each end of the slider you have that glitch on the body which is annoying.

I mean, when you are at the very top of any web page (or the very-end), and try keep scrolling up (or down) for any reason, you have that little movement up and down from the body.
I tried to fix that setting overflow: hidden; on my body. And it works ! Yes, but you just can’t scroll anymore regardless the height of the section i have inside even with an overflow-y: scroll; on it.
And without scroll my slider doesn’t work anymore. So not the right solution.

I link you website so you can see what i’m talking about.

If someone has a clue, even with custom javascript for fixing that i’d be really thankfull


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