Page not found (using Nav Bar)

Hello world!

So, i’m working on my online portfolio via webflow and it’s going amazing, except it isn’t!

I’m getting a “bug” that takes me to a “Page not found” page everytime i click on my navbar dropdowns.

I tried to find out why but i still havent found a valid reason.

Heres read only link: Webflow - AM Designs

Hi Anthony. welcome to :webflow_heart:

I’ve checked the bug you presented. When I click on the navigation bar, I get the correct page. I would appreciate it if you could attach a video where you demonstrate the error

Hi Moshe. Thanks for the reply!

Heres the video: 2022 11 12 12 40 29 1 1 - YouTube

This script is the problem.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here, but any click on the header nav tries to get an href and navigate to it. However your elements you’ve classed as .header-nav aren’t links, they’re text elements, and have no href attribute, so you get a null.

  $('.header-nav').click(function (e) {
    var goTo = this.getAttribute("href");

         window.location = goTo;
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Ohhhh Good point! That whas for a transition that never worked lol, i thought i had it removed already. Thank you very very mutch kind sir!

Heh heh, I’ve done that kind of thing before as well.
Excellent! If that resolved it, you can mark this thread as solved.

I would, but i can’t find the option to do it :grimacing: