Navigation Dropdown Bug

Hey Guys

Fore some very strange reason, the drop down menu doesn’t work at the home page, and about. But does at other pages. It is a component. Please help!

best, Dorus

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Same thing just happened to me. I can stop the bug when i remove the link from buttons on that page. It’s very strange…

Thanks for your reply

Can you please clarify what you mean. All the links on the buttons?
And how did you solved the problem when it happened to you?

Thanks! Best, D

Its a Webflow bug, got reply from Support.


Webflow should put an alert in their editor / dashboard. I lost a lot of hours today trying to fix what I thought was my mistake.

Same issue and I agree.

Sliders as well. Relume navigation not working.

I have been in deep webflow.js trying to find the culprit all morning… What a time waste!

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