Page not found error on previously working page

Hey pals,

Getting a ‘page not found’ error message on a page that was previously published and working.
All I have edited since it began dropping off, were some CMS collections - however I have checked the slugs and none are double ups (read this could be an issue)
Haven’t accidentally restricted access either. Have tried to manually type in URL, as well as get to the page via nav links - but none will work.

Thanks in advance for any possible clues!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - WorkflowMax)

Hi @katewigg

Disconnect the Link properties from Partners and News nav items within your Navbar as this seems to be the issue.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @WisdomainUK for helping me out on this!
I have disconnected the link properties from all nav items (can you tell me why this would be an issue, is there just a double up of link info?) - It is only an issue for the Partners page
The page is still getting a 404 error - could this take a while to update?
And how would this affect that the partner page is not viewable when typing the URL directly?
Would you recommend creating a new nav from scratch?


I’m getting a page not found error to, but it seems to be due to a mixup between the services that I am paying for and not paying for. I have emailed support twice, since this is an account issue, but still no response on day two. Meanwhile our site is down and no support from Webflow. Is there a phone number or chat support with Webflow? Or are we really supposed to accept a site that is down for several days while they get to responding to emails?

Have solved the issue - it was a 301 redirect issue, as I had moved the partner page in and out of a folder - which i wasn’t aware would cause issues.

@D-dub - this may work for your issue too? If you head to Publishing, and then scroll down to 301 redirects - and delete unnecessary links?

Thanks for your help in looking at this @WisdomainUK