Collection pages returning 404 not found on staging (they have content)

I’m working on a more significant update on my website. I would like to see the collection pages while I build them out, but they are not showing up when I publish. It’s returning a 404 page.

I’ve seen some other discussions around this, and the only feedback I saw was to unpublish and re-publish, but I can’t do that with staging. Any suggestions here?

I don’t have any redirects, and I do have content on those pages to test with. I can’t publish to production either, as this will be 4+ weeks of updates.

As a note, I did have redirects for /c/(.*) going to /d/%1, but this has been removed for a month now.

The slug URL is /c/

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Roast Love

There’s a fairly new setting called “publish settings”. I can see in your screenshot that this is set to “off”. Unless I miss understand you, I think this should fix your problem.
Best, Dave

Ah perfect, my oversight and appreciate the second pair of eyes. Thanks @DaveW