Page-level custom code!

I did a quick search and couldn’t see if anyone wrote about this yet. Even if they did, I think it deserves repeating:

For a while now, many of us have been requesting page-level custom code abilities inside of Webflow. Not having this feature present makes the development process very clunky, often requiring us to make manual rewrites to the headers of every page after each export. And for those who choose to host sites with Webflow, this makes page-level custom code impossible.

For me, this was the single, biggest missing feature of this web development tool. For others, this was a deal breaker.

If you’ve logged in during the last seven days, you might have seen that the team has now added full support for this feature as well as page-level slots for OG Tags. This is incredible.

Webflow is quickly becoming a very serious tool for developers creating static websites. And with the rollout of Webflow’s new CMS, it’s possible Webflow will be the GUI web development gold standard for a wide range of website types.

Hats off to the extraordinary Webflow team and the many, many users who constantly provide creative insight and feedback. This tool is exceptional.