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Features to allow me to use Webflow webhosting

Hi Webflow

Currently I export my webflow sites and use my own hosting. For speed and convenience I’d really like to use webflow’s hosting for all my sites. But there are a few missing features that prevent me doing this at the moment:

1 - Easy setup for Google Tag Manager. The GTM code needs to go immediately after the opening body tag. A config box to allow this and any other code that requires placing in the same position would be great.

2 - For SEO purposes, the easy ability to set some ‘thin’ content pages to noindex, follow etc. So basically allowing individual pages to be noindexed.

3 - Ideally allowing the use of aweber or other autoresponders without the requirement to export and manually edit the code. So from within the webflow interface.

Webflow, could you let me know whether these features are on the horizon with your big new update please. And what the likely timeframe is.

Thanks a lot