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Page is bigger than window (I think?)

Hi all,

I’m at a bit of a loss as to what’s happening with my site, it looks like the site has some extra white space added on to it on the right. I’ve removed all objects from this area to try and fix it but nothing. Below is my site in preview mode, if you scroll right you can see the white bar.

Also big thanks to the user vincent as he helped me remedy some problems I was having with movements on my site!


EDIT: when I click the white bar and access Body, I clicked hidden in the Overflow tab and it got rid of the bar. BUT, it for some reason made my entire website unscrollable when I published it, so it just looks like one page.

This is what happened:

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You have elements that are set outside of the viewport and slide in onScroll. That affects the width of the page. Select the section in wich you have interactions and set it to overflow:hidden.

Actually it’s something else…

You’re working over a page you haven’t created and there is already a lot of bad structure in the page. Rather than fixing the unfixable, please create a new page and copy/paste in it the content you’ve already created (copy on one page, switch page, paste.)

And try to respect this easy structure to avoid plenty of errors: put sections, put containers into sections, and your content in the containers.

Hope it helps (:

Ahh cheers Vincent, section>container>content makes sense, just quickly, with the copy and pasting of content, is it a matter of just using cmd+c on elements then pasting onto the other page? Or does Webflow have a built in copy paste tool?

Cheers again!


cmd-c cmd-v will do. select something on the destination page to place your copied content, then go to the navigator tab to drag it at the correct place.

Type “?” in the designer for the shortcuts (:

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Good work my man!! working fine, thanks