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[resolved] Objects slide in (like on the Webflow homepage)

Hey people!

I was looking at the Webflow homepage and how as you scroll down to elements, they slide and fade in from off the page. I’ve figured out how to do scroll activated animations, but the thing I’m struggling with is having objects that are off the page and move in.

Here’s my URL I’m basically trying to have the 2 circles (they would be much larger) move in from off the page, but everytime I try it extends the window to fit the object off the page, bad times!

Oh and here’s a screenshot of what the animation looks like in Hype but I’ll animate it myself in Webflow

Any help much appreciated!


We need more info (: how do you try and what “bad times” means?


Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Hi Vincent thanks for your reply,

I just tried this URL for my site on a different computer and it seemed to work

Haha in terms of the objects extending the size of the window, you can see if you scroll right there is some white space to the right of my site, this is what I meant by extending the window. Here’s a screengrab of my window after I scrolled fully right


Not your site link, the public link, the read only version. Follow my links.

But anyway, select the container, the section that contains the interaction, and give it the property overflow:hidden in the style tab. It should fix it.

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Hi Vincent,

Sorry I can’t seem to find this elusive share button! (think it may be because I’m still on a free plan)

That overflow command sounds like it will do the trick, spot on.

Thanks very much,