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Page go away more and more when i scroll down


Im new here with webflow and i really trying hard to understand everything but there is some points that i can’t still correct. I don’t understand why when i scroll down in preview only, the page is going away more and more like if there is marge that growing up… I was thinking about an interaction but i finally think it’s coming from something else but can’t say !

Some help would be appreciated ! :slight_smile:

(There is some others issue on my site but i will correct them by myself don’t worry :wink: )

Here is my link

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Mod Edit - I changed your post to Design Help -> Interactions as this is not a Webflow Bug, rather an implementation / layout issue with your design. You are more likely to get help in this category.

Please share images / video showing your issue in more detail.

Well, nothing runs away from me when I scroll so yeah, definitely need more info on what happens for you.

Sorry i haven’t been understable enought, this happened when im on “toggled preview” and i scrolled with my mouse by letting my finger press on the scroll bouton to let me go to the right or to the left (or with a pad) . When im on the dashboard there is no problems. I verified if there is no element outside the layout but it seems clear to me.

you can see on screen that this is more and more going out

Does anyone have a solution ?

Third interaction from the page triggers list causes this (cannot tell which exactly since the naming is not really convenient). I haven’t had time to debug, but deleting it makes things normal. You may want to check it out and recreate if necessary.

Thank you this was the problem and now this is working perfectly ! :slight_smile: Yeah i didn’t take too much time to rename all of my elements but i definitly should…

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