My page is not scrolling or have a bar

I am building my first web page and my items are now getting bigger than my screen. The designer is not letting me see or scroll to anything down there, and I can’t even scroll to it in the preview. Is this something I need to set up as an interaction of sorts, or am I doing something wrong? I am using Chrome 67+.

I tried watching some videos and searching but all I get are nav bar scrolling or scrolling interactions.

So I found the bar finally and can barely grab it. But the scroll wheel doesn’t apply at all on the preview

It’ll be easier to help if you provide your read-only link. :slight_smile:

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Here! I had no idea how to do that lol… So I was able to grab onto a scroll bar on the side (super tiny) but it still won’t take me to the complete bottom all the time. The scroll wheel won’t work either to get around except in the designer panel only.

Hi @jacquealope thank you so much for reaching out and great question!


The footer is not visible because it is being pushed out of the body element at the bottom of the page. This is called collapsing margins. It is something related with how CSS works on the web.


Instead of adding margin-top to the first relative element on the page that doesn’t have a fixed position, you should add padding-top to the body or switch your margin style to padding instead on the next element.

In your site, if you remove the margin from this element and switch it out with padding instead, it should resolve the issue. Or adding 1px of padding to the body element will resolve the issue as well:

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Wow thanks! I am learning! I also can’t seem to get my text to wrap anymore, I see in all these videos that it does it automatically but maybe I changed something?