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Page content overlaping a fixed header

Hi everyone,

I’ve been struggling :smiley: to find out why my about page (Full Page>Page-3) is overlaping my fixed header, when the page scrolls up and down… (I’m not an expert…)

You might find my navigator structure a bit different, that’s because I wanted full pages, have a look at this topic.

Can anyone help me out?

Please check my:troubleshooting link and subdomain.

Hey @bertie can you have a look as well?

Thanks in advance.


I think you maybe need to give your header a z-index value. You do that under Position->advanced->Z-index. The highest z-indez gets to be on top.

Sometimes it looks a bit weird to have a white bg fixed header on top of a content section also with white bg. Maybe you can play with a bit of opacity on the header bg.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks @asssmidt

(A Z-index: 9999 sort out the problem :wink:)