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Transparent navbar with max opacity

When I scroll down to my footer on the home page, I can see through the fixed navbar. Even though I have max opacity, it keeps showing the featured items under the navbar. Please Help!
(please note that this is my first site and my first time using this platform so do not yell at the quality, thanks!)

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Hello @CodeCreator

You need some z-index to bring the navbar on top of everything. See here >

Piter :webflow_heart:


Hi, @CodeCreator!! So glad you’re here and using Webflow! :smiley: Welcome!!!

It looks like @PiterDimitrov has solved your problem! Thanks, Piter! :heart:

Also, since this isn’t a bug I’m going to move it to a different category. Please keep posting and sharing here, we’re glad to have you! :smiley:

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