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Z-index problems on ipad

Hi! I’ve got two strange things happening on the ipad version of my site.

  1. There’s a fixed section below the header with a z-index of zero that keeps popping up over the top, every time a new section meets it, but is there only when scrolling. It disappears again when the page stops moving.

  2. The header’s background image is set to be fixed, but scrolls on ipad, in both Safari & Chrome. I guess that’s not really related, but I’m not sure. Both these issues are fine at all screen widths on desktop.

Anybody had these problems before? Would be very grateful if someone could help.

Public link here.

Published site here.

hi @mimfox, sounds like odd behavior, I will go take a look and see what I can find. Thanks for your patience, :smile:

:smile: just update before I go look for the problem, but nice site, nice to look at :smile: Good job.

Thanks cyberdave! Any ideas yet? I’m very new to this, so I don’t even know where to start to trouble shoot something like this.


Hi, @mimfox, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: I was still looking at this but I will have an update for you shortly. Thanks !