Overlay modal doesn't let me edit the content of page


my site contains an overlay modal, with some information for the user, that can be ticked off.
The modal sits in a fixed 100% width/height container (to darken the background)

Live Page: https://www.lode-stijn.de/

The problem:
Entering the editor mode doesn’t let me change the content of the page anymore, because the modal and its container is in the foreground. The editor mode doesn’t let me tick off the modal, because it thinks I want to replace “x” icon :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

Thanks Tom

Here is my public share link: LINK
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maybe temporarily use display:none for your modal wrapper?

But can an editor do that coming from the CMS side?

My fault, sorry.

Unfortunately, I didn’t use the editor yet and don’t know which options you have for this problem.

If your modal is linked to a collection, you may add a toggle field and link the conditional visibility of the modal to that field. So that your client/editor can go into the CMS and disable the modal temporarily using the toggle.

Thanks for your answer. How can I connect this modal to a CMS collection? I have a hard time to wrap my head around this.

I can see how to turn off the content in that modal, but the entire element…?
Just for clarification, the structure is like this:

<Wrapper 100% height and witdh>

In order to let the editor access the content of the page I would have to turn off the element.